“The Tale of Chipilo” Instructional Resources
The activities and presentations below were developed from concepts presented in the story. Educators in a formal school setting can use the resources to supplement an existing curriculum. Likewise, environmental outreach coordinators and park naturalists can use these activities and presentations to provide learning experiences about migratory birds and their habitats outside a formal school setting. These resources give educators the opportunity to do the following:
Utilize innovative, relevant, and interdisciplinary instructional resources for elementary grade levels
Create a model for integration of endangered species instructional resources into existing curriculum following national standards
Promote public awareness about issues involving the protection and conservation of endangered species and their habitats

*Alignment to the state-adopted curriculum is provided for each Activity and PowerPoint presentation

Activity #1:   Anticipatory Guide adobe
Activity #2:   Guided Questions & Vocabulary adobe
Activity #3:   Reading Comprehension Questions adobe
Activity #4:   The Brown-headed Cowbird adobe
Activity #5:   Protecting our Wildlife - Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge adobe
Activity #6:   Comparing & Contrasting adobe
Activity #7:   Writing Activities adobe

Activity #8:   Analyzing Scientific Data adobe
Activity #9:   Population Studies adobe

Activity #10:   Be a Wildlife Biologist! adobe
Activity #11:   “Through the Eyes of a Bird” Scavenger Hunt adobe
Activity #12:   Migration Simulation & Skit adobe
Activity #13:   Making Connections - Food Web adobe
Activity #14:   The Needs of All adobe
Activity #15:   Indoor Team Bird Watching adobe
Activity #16:   Outdoor Bird Watching adobe
Activity #17:    Listen to the Birds adobe

Activity #18:   Texas Ecoregions adobe
Activity #19:   Habitats & Ecoregions Project adobe
Activity #20:   Epiphytes & Birds adobe

The Tale of Chipilo
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Bird Adaptations
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Bird Migration
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Bugs for Birds!
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Ecoregions of Texas
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Habitats for Plants & Animals
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What is a Bird?
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Balcones National Wildlife Refuge Brochure adobe
Texas Ecoregions Information adobe
Relevant Websites adobe

Funding to develop these instructional resources was provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department contract #409330 and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Section 6 grant TX E-133-R
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